Bergstraße 26, Lohfelden

In the center of Lohfelden we built 5 high quality apartments according to the KFW 70 standard, with a lift and access to an underground car park. The concept of this building enables a maximum of natural daylight. This is saving energy and money.

The placement of the rooms in the basement ensures acoustic isolation to minimize the noises that reach the apartments. Massive walls and a strategic placement of the lift and the shafts create a maximum of a distance between the apartments to minimize acoustic disturbances.

The shell of the building matches the newest standards to save energy. All of the 5 clients have been provided with an apartment with great potential for an increasing value and are satisfied with the result.

The value of the objects rose by 15% within a year. Our customers are happy about apartments with a good value and futuristic character.


Herr Göbel

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Dipl.- Ing. Herr Francesco Barba

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