Dammenweg 22 Vellmar

At the outskirts of Vellmar we built 5 high quality apartments with a short distance to schools, medical experts, groceries, shops and sports facilities. The city of Kassel can easily be reached via public transportation and one of the main streets is nearby.

The apartments are designed for working people who like to spend their free time in their own place. The roof terrace can be used to enjoy the after-work sun. We installed a heat pump that matches the newest standards to ensure the best performance with a low input.

Cars can be parked at the shadowy and snow-free underground car park that is easily accessible. From there the lift can be reached without any barriers.

This project is near to our hearts because we were able to create an outstanding building matching the newest standards. This project got a lot of attention and ensured many new clients for us.


Herr Precht

Time span

2016 – 2017


Dipl.- Ing. Herr Francesco Barba

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