Spreeweg 7 Espenau

In the development area “Mönchehof” we built a solid twin house matching the newest standards. It was another project of one of our existing clients. The twin house fulfills all the criteria that a customer may expect in terms of heat protection, acoustic isolation, fire protection, structural safety and design.

This project shows that many of our clients are motivated to execute multiple projects with us as a partner. Our client will use this object to rent it and offer new, exclusive living space, where renters like to spend their time.

The yard offers enough space to spend time there and relax. The outdoor facilities offer a lot of comfort. The neighborhood offers everything a discerning renter may demand.

This twin house will bring a lot of joy to the residents and the owner within the next few years. The value of this object increased fast after the finishing of the project. This investment can be considered more than successful.


Herr Barba

Time span

2021 – 2022


Dipl.- Ing. Herr Francesco Barba

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